Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (BTVLEP) is a publically funded organisation and as such has transparent communications practices in place, which give people confidence in the activities and outputs flowing from BTVLEP.

As guardians of public funds, with Buckinghamshire County Council our accountable body, we will apply similar standards of transparency as other public sector organisations.  

We aim to ensure:

  • Our website, through which local partners and the public can keep in touch with progress on BTVLEP activities, is regularly updated especially latest news items, reports, minutes etc.;
  • We publish papers, decisions, minutes, agendas etc. in line with existing local authority rules and regulations, including the minutes of our delivery arm Buckinghamshire Advantage
  • We publish an annual report at the start of each financial year, even though we are not legally constituted as a formal entity; 
  • There is appropriate local engagement - both with public and private stakeholders to inform key decisions and with the general public around future BTVLEP strategy development.


BTVLEP Assurance & Accountability Framework - latest version updated in November 2018.

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BTVLEP Statement of Assurance - February 2018

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BTVLEP Conflicts of Interest Policy 2018

Click: BTVLEP Conflicts of Interest Policy


Department for Communities and Local Government - Accountability System Statement..

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BTVLEP will publish Business Cases and Independent Evaluations for projects supported by our local growth fund schemes, within the reports section on this website, and would welcome comments on these assessments. If you have any questions or would like to comment on any project please e-mail:  info@buckstvlep.co.uk .



BTVLEP will ensure that a regular annual assessment of the membership of the Board and its sub-groups takes place to ensure that the overall membership reflects the diversity of the Buckinghamshire community, and that there are no barriers to participation as a result of gender, race, disability or sexual orientation.


Our constitution ensures that all geographies within the county are represented through local authority membership and that our private sector members represent a mix of both SME and larger businesses.


Board Directors and Staff Register of Interests

There is a requirement for directors and staff to register declarations of interests in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.  The Companies Act 2006 requires directors and staff to avoid situations in which a director/staff member “has (or can have) a direct or indirect interest that conflicts, or possibly may conflict, with the interests of the company”.  


The register is held by the LEP Executive and will be updated regularly:  


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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy tells you what to expect when Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership collects personal information.


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