• Thursday 5 Jul 2012

    Buckinghamshire – a great place for inward investment



    Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
    Paul Briggs, Chief Executive of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group which includes Buckinghamshire Chamber.

    Buckinghamshire and the rest of the Thames Valley are not impervious to the downturn in international investment, but it has held its own against the competition.

    The region continues to attract more first time investment into the UK (by number of companies) than any other region outside of London. There is a move towards tried, tested and proven business locations and the Thames Valley and London perform well in this regard with many of the global brands already having UK or EMEA Headquarters here. There is great security in the knowledge that you are in a neighbourhood with your peers and competitors in the marketplace. This also highlights the need to ensure existing investment is retained as well as attracting tomorrow’s global brands.

  • Thursday 12 Jul 2012

    Game on!



    Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
    Mike Walker, Head of Win Academies and Vice Chairman of IoD Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

    Game on.

    Who of us have never thought of winning a medal and holding a trophy above our heads, or coming up with an idea that as soon as you hear it you wonder why it’s never been thought of before?

    For me as a professional sportsman, it was winning Wimbledon. And Stoke Mandeville has its rightful place in history as the birthplace of the Paralympics, thanks to Dr Ludwig Guttmann who was known as the ‘Father of Sport for People with Disabilities’. What an incredible achievement to see how the Paralympic Games have grown over the past 60 years or so.

  • Tuesday 17 Jul 2012

    Fly me to the boom or pay the consequences



    Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
    Alex Pratt, Chairman of Buckinghamshire Business First and Bucks Institute of Directors.

    Last week, a team of my senior managers travelled from Aylesbury to Hong Kong and China to visit a trade show and some suppliers.

    We sell our products to customers on every continent, and are an example of the maxim that the territory outside the UK is not “the rest of the World”, but practically ALL of it.

  • Wednesday 18 Jul 2012

    Laying the foundations for recovery



    Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
    Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP, Attorney General and MP for Beaconsfield.

    It is a pleasure to have been asked to contribute to this blog. It seems to me that the success of the Buckinghamshire LEP will depend on the good communication of ideas which it facilitates.

    As I write the economic outlook continues to be very uncertain. The continuing crisis in the Eurozone affects us directly as about half of our trade lies with them. This is why it is important that we co-operate with our partners to find a solution whilst ensuring that the UK is not adversely affected by any steps taken.