• Wednesday 23 Jan 2013

    Creating a long-lasting economic legacy



    Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
    Steve Rankin, the CBI's Thames Valley Regional Director.

    The UK must carve out a new global trading role for itself as part of a new, rapidly-changing European Union. And securing a ground-breaking EU-US free trade agreement to generate long-term UK growth and boost the flat domestic economy will be vital. Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic must seize the moment during the first 100 days of President Obama’s second term, to create a long-lasting economic legacy.

    A historic US deal is vital for creating long-term, sustainable economic growth and job creation in the UK and EU. It would eliminate tariffs, liberalise goods and services, harmonise regulation, promote investment and set benchmark standards for trade in the 21st century. The UK cannot afford to miss out on opportunities to use the EU to help rebalance the economy towards exports and create new trade deals based on its world-class reputation – in particular in financial and professional services; pharmaceuticals; and creative industries.

  • Wednesday 30 Jan 2013

    The private sector is the crucial driver of jobs and growth for our country



    Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
    Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan, MP for Chesham and Amersham.

    “The Government believes that the private sector and SMEs in particular, is the crucial driver of jobs and growth for our country.”

    This sentence opens the chapter on business, enterprise and growth in the mid term report published in January by the Coalition Government – an in depth examination of the government’s policy programme and its achievements.


    In the past few months I have visited many innovative local companies, such as Arqiva,  Daiichi-Sankyo, GE Healthcare and others, which embody the kind of enterprise and creativity which can produce the sustainable growth needed to rebalance the UK economy.