• Tuesday 17 Jun 2014

    Involving the private sector and the banking community

    Our voice of Buckinghamshire Business this week is:
    Peter O'Gorman the Regional Director (Home Counties Region), Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking.

    Due to the lack of awareness across the business community on exactly what a LEP does, I became interested in setting up an envoy programme to help create advocates for promoting the work of LEPs amongst the larger corporates. Without engagement of large influential business it will be difficult for LEP’s to deliver on their plans for business growth and job creation, so a big thank you to all who have agreed to become envoys thus far. A group of business envoys has a direct channel of communication with the LEP Board. Envoys are also encouraged to use their existing channels of communication to make a case to Government and other national bodies on behalf of the LEP, for more investment in the area to achieve economic growth.