Thursday 25 May 2017

Buckinghamshire Business First’s 5 year anniversary!

Our voice of business this month is:
Philippa Batting, Managing Director, Buckinghamshire Business First

Buckinghamshire Business First has been at the centre of economic development ever since we were formed in 2012, helping Buckinghamshire’s businesses dream big and achieve bigger.

After five productive years of enabling jobs growth and inward investment in the county, this business-led, business-focused not-for-profit organisation has left a mark on the local business landscape and the hardworking, passionate and innovative businesses we serve.

However you like your success measured, it is clear that Buckinghamshire Business First has helped businesses to grow. Behind each statistic in economic development is a real person in a real job in a real business, so allow me to be specific with my figures. Between 2012 and 2017 Buckinghamshire Business First:

  • helped create almost 3,000 jobs as a direct result of our support, estimated to add £66million of value to the UK economy
  • helped over 17,000 businesses to grow through bespoke support, estimated to add £6.5million to the UK economy
  • distributed grants worth £10.7million to businesses at the coalface
  • brought new business into Buckinghamshire, successfully supporting 80 companies  to relocate to the county, estimated to add £76million of value to the Buckinghamshire economy
  • grew our membership from 200 businesses to nearly 10,000, now accounting for over a third of all businesses in Buckinghamshire

The knock-on effect of these positive interventions can also be seen in figures such as the JSA claimant count, which has more than halved since April 2012, and job openings, which have nearly tripled in the same time period.

We do not dwell on the past at Buckinghamshire Business First, but we know that in our past lies evidence of our ability to deliver value and promise for our future. Every example of support we’ve been able to deliver in the past five years will be, at the very least, replicated, and ultimately bettered, as we support businesses with their growth ambitions.

Buckinghamshire Business First is recognised by the government as the Growth Hub for the county and we act as the first stop shop for support that any business may need to unlock its potential to grow. Our business support team will deal with all enquiries and we make it our business to know of any grant funding, advice or support that a company in the county might benefit from.

It is the government’s aspiration that the business voice be heard in all areas of economic development, and we are well placed to represent the business view to national and local government thanks to our connections and partnerships, including with Buckinghamshire Thames Valley LEP.

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