The Bucks Skills Hub, based at Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership, aims to promote and optimise links between employers and educators, in order to enable young people to become more work ready through greater employer involvement and to ensure they gain the right skills for the local growth sectors.


One in three Buckinghamshire employers have stated that 17-18 year olds recruited to first time jobs from school are “poorly” or “very poorly” prepared for work. (Source: UKCES ESS 2013)


It is widely known the positive benefits of involving employers with educators in terms of commercial input, connecting education to the world of work and the development of the ‘soft’ work skills in order to help students be more prepared for work.


An online hub,, connects employers and educators in the same way that other sites connect buyers and sellers, or service providers and service users. Employers are able to register their willingness to get involved and state what they have to offer in terms of resources, visits, mentoring etc, and educators can either use this information or post specific requests for support.


In addition to brokering connections and supporting employers, there is also a ‘bank’ of employer led/shaped/created resources for schools to draw down on as required, which meet key skills needs (e.g. STEM) and support curriculum vital areas such as English and Maths.


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We have also launched a new website called Wannabebucks, which aims to connect local businesses and young people in work experience and apprenticeship opportunities, as well as full and part-time employment:


Be inspired by watching the Silverson Engineering Apprentices video.


Labour Market Intelligence update for Buckinghamshire (Autumn 2016) 

It is key that we continue to improve the availability of market intelligence about the local labour market to provide high quality information and advice to young people making choices about their careers, and prepare them and develop their skills to meet employment demands. We hope you find this report useful click here 

LMI Report 2018 (click here)


Our Skills and Employability Board Membership (April 2018), click here